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Magnesium - The Miracle Mineral

MAGNESIUM - The Miracle Mineral

…it is essential for your bones, heart, veins, blood pressure…yet getting enough magnesium from food alone is very difficult.  Some magnesium rich foods include spinach, kale, almonds, beans, whole grains and avocadoes. Magnesium is vital to your health activating & maintaining over 300 biochemical reactions in the body-normal muscle and nerve function, energy metabolism, protein synthesis, heart health and bone density are just a few…

…is able to alkalise and rejuvenate an aging body as well assist in balancing acidosis and seems to have a healing effect on many lifestyle diseases.
The signs of magnesium deficiency are many.  Restless legs, cramps, muscle spasms, aching back muscles, lack of energy, migraines and stress are just a few as described by Dr Carolyn Dean in her ultimate guide to magnesium book "The Miracle of Magnesium" 

…“Magnesium is very important in health and medicine. It is extremely important for the metabolism of calcium, potassium, phosphorus, zinc, copper, iron, sodium, hydrochloric acid , lead, cadmium, nitric oxide, for many enzymes… intracellular homeostasis and for activation of thiamine…and a wide range of critical body functions…magnesium is a particular crucial element for …the vital functions of the nervous and endocrine systems: it helps maintain normal muscle and nerve functions, keeps the heart rhythm steady, supports a healthy immune system and keeps bones strong….it also helps regulate blood sugar levels, promotes normal blood pressure, and is known to be involved in energy metabolism and protein synthesis…  Enzymes are protein molecules that stimulate every chemical reaction in the body…of the 325 magnesium-dependent enzymes, the most important reaction involves the creation of energy by activating adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the fundamental energy storage molecule of the body….thus fatigue is often reduced with magnesium supplementation…”
Dr. Carolyn Dean MD. ND… The Miracle of Magnesium… 2003
Magnesium supplementation has been known to assist with the following conditions:
  • Fibromyalgia…most common among women, this syndrome is characterised by fatigue and muscle pain throughout the body.
  • Blood Pressure…The higher the magnesium levels inside your cells, the more likely you are to have lower blood pressure and more elastic blood vessels.
  • Bone Health…magnesium is essential for normal bone metabolism and assimilation of calcium.
  • Blocked Arteries…researchers suggest higher blood levels of magnesium appear to reduce the risk of heart disease by one-third.
  • Cramps & Pain…Extra magnesium may prevent and relieve chronic back pain, restless legs syndrome and chronic fatigue syndrome and assist dehydration and reduce pain.
  • Diabetes…magnesium deficiency seems to be extremely common among diabetics, one reason for this, is thought to be the large amount of magnesium potentially lost through urine.
  • Heart Arrythmias…calcium and magnesium work together to regulate the heart beat-calcium contracts the heart muscle, whilst magnesium relaxes it. A British study showed that taking magnesium for six weeks reduced the incidence of arrythmias by 25-50 percent.
  • Migraines…many migraine sufferers have low magnesium levels.
  • Sound Sleep…magnesium deficiency can cause insomnia & frequent awakenings.
"Transdermal Magnesium Therapy offers a stunning breakthrough in medicine, an entirely new way to supplement magnesium that  boosts cellular magnesium levels quickly..  Magnesium chloride oil, delivered transdermally, brings a quick release from a broad range of conditions.  Magnesium chloride is one of the best kept secrets, not only in natural medicine, but in the world of allopathic medicine where it is used in emergency rooms to save lives"  
Dr Mark Sircus. 

Crucially, magnesium chloride seems to get to the cause of disease and seems to detox the cells quickly… to flush out acidic and toxic cells.    It relaxes muscles, and  nerves (restless legs, anxiety)…and magnesium chloride, topically applied, is not just a band aid or another pain killer….                      
It seems to rejuvenate the entire body !!

"The microbe is nothing…  The terrain is everything”  
Louis Pasteur

…a breakthrough in technology…delivers one of the highest quality, & best priced transdermal magnesium oils available… up to12 times faster than oral tablets. Magnesium is profoundly linked to heart health, mental health and protection from degenerative disease. ..70-80% of us are deficient in Magnesium. .. This critically important alkaine mineral is directly linked to over 325 different enzymes.  Enzyme reactions govern every bodily process & every enzyme is fuelled by adenosine triphosphate (ATP). Magnesium activates ATP, the powerhouse of all living creatures.
So, how do we replenish our reserves as rapidly as possible? Oral Magnesium tablets has been the most popular strategy but a many factors compromise the uptake of Mg including phytic acid (a natural acid found in all cereal grains), prescription drugs and malabsorption. In addition, people with low magnesium (most of us) seem to have reduced capacity to absorb Mg.
Now there is an exciting new, high-performace alternative to oral magnesium. MagSorb™   is a liquid concentration of magnesium chloride, concentrated from ancient sea bed deposits.

MagSorb™   has a naturally oily texture and is called magnesium oil (although it is not technically an oil). The skin has massive unrecognised absorption potential. Transdermal magnesium involves direct uptake through the skin. Researchers have found that it takes 6 months to correct low cellular Mg using oral tablets, yet you can recharge your magnesium levels in just 4 weeks with MagSorb™!
MagSorb™  is the highest quality source of transdermal magnesium oil in the world. It is sourced from the Ancient Zechstein Seabed in Europe. This pristine, 250 million year old reserve is extracted from 2000 meters deep in the earth and is of a very high natural energetic state. it seems to assist:
  • Memory and Cognitive Function - Magnesium deficiency has been linked to decreased memory & learning ability.  Mg levels can improve cognitive function in children, the elderly and those involved in stressful study.
  • Supports Immune Function - A healthy immune system is driven by white blood cells that require good magnesium levels.
  • Sports Nutrition - Magnesium is the most important mineral supplement due to losses through sweat. It can help reduce fatigue. 
  • Dental Health - Creates a highly alkaline environment when used as a mouthwash. MagSorb™ strengthens teeth and supports gum health.
  • Skin Health – Assists with the rejuvenation of sun damaged skin, sunspots, healthy hair and wrinkles.



$27.95 for 250ml
Also available in 1L on request
Release the inner you!
Great prices & cheap delivery.
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MagSorb - Magnesium Oil

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