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Mineral Waters

Life Energy Water® has a distinctive soft smooth taste, due to its unique mineral content, and its pristine aquifer located 592m below the surface of the Great Artesian Basin, at Wyandra in Outback Queensland.
From its beginnings as rain water in along the western slopes of the Great Dividing Range, the water slowly filters through the sandstone aquifers for over 1 million years, before rising to the surface.

An Important Discovery

Life Energy Water® was discovered by Sally Turner from Bundaberg, when she was drinking the water at her father’s property, in Wyandra. At that time she had some Kidney troubles and the water was helping, so impressed with what she had discovered Sally had the water tested and found that the water was alkaline with an abundance of minerals. That’s when Sally decided to bottled it for others to also enjoy.

To protect its purity Life Energy Water® is bottled at the source, so you can be assured you are drinking one of the finest mineral waters available, in its pristine state. Life Energy Water® is a registered product with the BFA Organic standards.

The Mineral Content

With a pH of 8.6, Life Energy Water® is Alkaline and is rich in Bicarbonates 231 mg/L (aids digestion) and Silica (25mg/Litre). Silica has been proven to be an essential nutrient for Healthy skin, hair & nails. Bicarbonates aid digestion and help regulate the pH balance of the body.

Acid / Alkaline Balance

With its combination of alkalinity & bicarbonate, drinking Life Energy Water® is a great way to help balance the negative effects of acidic foods & drinks so common in our modern diets. If you are over-acidic, and looking for a high quality mineral water to Hydrate & balance acidity with, it is hard to go past Life Energy Water®.

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History of Mineral Waters

The history of mineral waters dates back to the Roman times, where people traveled from all over Europe to visit the famous mineral spas, where they bathed & drank the mineral waters for their health. Throughout history Spa’s have been built in areas with mineral-rich waters, and healing properties that have been attributed to different kinds of water in many different cultures. Some Famous Europeans spas include:

- Evian-les Bains, France
- Lourdes, France
- Vichy, France
- Baignots France
- Baden-Baden Germany
- Bath, England

Italians consider mineral water an everyday necessity, meals are always accompanied by a bottle of mineral water with the wine. Mineral Springs are considered so valuable to the Italians, that the government owns them & merely grants concessions to the bottling companies.

The French Government prescribes spa treatments to around a million people a year!! The Europeans know the value of their mineral waters, and by law they have to be bottled at the source. Whereas most of the waters available in Australia are classified as spring waters, and if you wished to drink a mineral water you had to drink an imported water form Europe. Now Australian’s can enjoy their very own artesian mineral water.
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