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Living Aqua - Naturally Alkaline Living

About our site
Living Aqua was created out of our passion for water & health.

For over 6 years now we have been delivering Australia’s finest naturally alkaline mineral water, Life Energy Water® to homes, offices, and leading Organic & Health food stores throughout South-East QLD.

The journey started when Kate brought home a bottle of Life Energy Water® that she had been given from a friend. We contacted the owner Sally Turner and filled our garage with the water.
After drinking the water for 3 months she had noticed a huge difference, in how she was feeling, the pain and swelling in her joints from arthritis had reduced, and her eyes had changed from green back to blue from reducing her acidity.
That's when we realised the value of alkalizing naturally, as the water had gone straight to the cells, making her more alkaline, and her saliva pH move from 5.5 (chronically acidic) to 7.2 (slightly alkaline).
We got behind Life Energy Water and over the next few years introduced it to the health stores in SE QLD (2004 - 2010), and began supplying the water directly to the public an dmany happy customers...we have many stories and testimonials of how alkalizing with water seems to have aided the helath of many customers.

Drinking the water has literally been a life changing event for Kate.
Like many others we used to think water was water, but we have now since discovered that the quality of the water you drink does have a huge effect on your Health.

Water is the foundation that supports all Life, and is THE single most important substance we consume. If you are wishing to improve your health, it makes sense to first start with the quality of the water you drink and drink naturally alkaline water.

So if you are looking for a quality water to Alkalize, Hydrate & Detox with, it is hard to go past Life Energy Water®.

Discover it Today for yourself, as we say to all our customers, try Life Energy Water® for a month, buy 3 large 1.5L cases or 'a bottle a day' and you will LIVE the alkalizing journey and FEEL the difference for yourself.
...more energy, more oxygenation, more alive...
" alkaline.."

Oceans of Best Wishes

Stewart & Kate Burns
Feel free to ring us for a chat:
Living Aqua    07 3378 9895
Kate               0423 345 985
Stewart           042 1128 444
Fax                 07 3378 2622
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